Endless Vacation Summer Waltz

by Zak M.

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summer single (single) / more one mice demos 2013


released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Zak M. St Louis, Missouri


9/24 - at Chill Dawg Cove w/ DJ Floodgate, Frank Hurricane, Liz Durette, Kevin Harris

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Track Name: Endless Vacation Summer Waltz: Skins & Squares
I'll have what you're having, I'll burn with your fire.
Slip on a raincoat, slip out of this skin.
I want to swim in your eyes when the whites shine so bright.
Don't wash yourself, I'll lick you clean with my tongue.
Straight to the marrow, right down to the wire.
You only pick fights when you know you will win.
I'll understand when I'm older, I'll know you were right.
I get it, babe, do you think that I am dumb?
When I tell you stories, does that make me a liar?
I'm so hard to fluster, I bear it and grin.
You say I'm too much to handle, but maybe you're just wound up too tight.
I can't help it, I've been this way since I was young.
I'll have what you're having, you say we're the same.
Slough off this old skin, slip into a new.
I want to swim in your eyes when the irises shine.
Don't wash yourself, I want to taste how you smell.

I'm muddy and fading I can't hide my shame.
Don't get angry, get even, I'm greener than blue.
Plum spoiled rotten disguised as a high lonesome whine.
Do you think I don't notice? Do you think I can't tell?

I give up so easy, I won't play your game.
Can we just be finished? I want to be through.
I'd sleep for the rest of the year just to fill up the time
and think back and laugh at from what heights I fell.
Track Name: Endless Vacation Summer Waltz ("Cold, Cold Heart" Crybaby Epic Diva Mix)
Dream a little dream with your toes between your lips.
Miss your sweet man on the sea.
See all your suitors as impostors and foes.
Close up your mind when you open your legs.

The dregs of the drink that you leave in his room will taste sour.
Hour by hour, you're checking the time.
When he finds you distracted, his throat will close up and he'll choke,
But he's broken too, with a thirst he can't quench.

Each inch of him turns your intestines, nauseous and sick,
but the trick is to make him think it turns you on.
Is it so wrong to flatter the fools you choose to like?
In spite of your frankness, you're not what you seem.

Sing a little song with the lyrics confused.
Use what the tornado might spit through your door.
Sore losers and crybabies, captive and crushed.
You say, "lust just ain't the same as it used to be."

See what you leave in your wake, what havoc you wreak.
Peek while you're changing, have you seen him so thrilled?
Fill him with longing and swallow his pride.
Ride it out just until you find something new.

What you do isn't yours, it's been shared and passed down.
The sounds that you sound are just echoes.
I know you have goals and you claim to dream dreams,
but it seems you will bang any bell that will ring.
Track Name: Endless Vacation Summer Waltz 3 - Someone Else
You say you thought this happened too fast.
You say it made you scared.
Go hide that face of yours, go hide it under your covers.

Then you try to holler at me again.
Do you think that is fair?
I'm going back, I'm going back to my lover.

You say that I could never suffice,
Can't I just learn to share?
Don't fall to pieces on me, I thought that we were just having fun.

Just because I ask about you,
You think that I still care.
I'm going back, I'm going back where I came from.

I took the bait and the
Drool drip drop down from your chin.
I could never control myself.
Make this sweet sugar last,
Long as the future's grim.

So you say this time you think it will last.
Do you think that I'm dumb?
So I stick you like you're sticking one of those jewels on your crown.

Or you say you just miss us as friends
and you spell this shit with the same tongue.
Don't pick on me, i'll pick you up on my way down.

Or you say you like me better when I am nice
and you think I am trying to run.
Yeah, I'm gonna find somewhere where they don't all know my secrets.

Sing yourself someone else sunshining blues.
You can just whistle or hum.
I wanna hear what you sound like when you are speechless.
Bite your tongue, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
No one wants to hear the things you say.
You know that alibi of yours is see-through.
When they find you, you better get on your knees and pray.

It's so hard to know what you want when you want nothing.
You say that you're gonna sow your wild oats.
And when you pronounce your judgment,
you better hope the ones you love, love you the most.

Flaunt your disregard for where you came from.
When you rock it so hard, do you think you might rock it right off?
Not the sharpest tool but I am handsome.
Can't you take a hint and stop?

Keep it to yourself, you have no audience.
I'm with you or against you or I'm dumb.
You think I'm the one who's lost his common sense.
Do you remember much? Are you having fun?