Little Plant

by Zak M.

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released April 24, 2016

2016 demos



all rights reserved


Zak M. St Louis, Missouri


9/24 - at Chill Dawg Cove w/ DJ Floodgate, Frank Hurricane, Liz Durette, Kevin Harris

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Track Name: Cry in the Rain
He said, "Come on the trip,"
and I agreed.
I was eating chips
and coming off of speed.
through some half-assed art thing.

Loading equipment on the truck.
Pouring from a bottle in a mug.

And with the first drop you gulp -
sharper focus.
Cry in the rain.
Drop in the the ocean.
salsa into a sink.

Curl up with a half pint on some gross sofa.
Spreading cashew butter on a cracker
in your grow hut.

Shine my little light
on warm Colorado mud.

You said, "Don't look when I dip
in this Utah lake.
I've had far too much
of your face today."
Track Name: Curses
Did you throw the towel in?
Murky eyes.
Weak chin.
Your cheeks -
razor-burn purple
with hanging jowls.

Please take my advice, old friend.
I see your skull beneath your skin.
The clock is ticking.

Flat soda
in a plastic goblet.
You fill your cap
with the tap.
Murky water.
Are you hungover?

Please take my advice, dear brother.
Don't hold a grudge,
hold a hand.
You make me sick.

Remember, it was where
we took turns
rolling glasses
down the slanted,
softwood floor,
and overturned chairs.

Please take my advice, my love.
Cover it up
in dust
and sand
and sticks.

You say now you're just a shell.
Well, a shell of what?
Carry your house on your back
like a crab.
When you slip-up,
crack like an egg.

Please take my advice, you foe.
You don't know,
but I know what
you just
can’t stand.
You can’t stand it.
Track Name: Dawn Chorus
Years ago, everyone knew your name.
Beware, your sagging mug may still ring bells.
Keep your head down.

Did you witness mystic hands?
Deep in the night.
You would keep your money in your shoes.

Neon lies, no loyal sun.
Birds are chirping early.
This is the final call.

You wish you were numb and rosy.
Oh no.
No, no, no.

Everyone is waving.
Put your glasses on.
Smoke clears.

Can't put your finger on the tip on your tongue.
Harbingers and hangers-on.
Smoke clears but the smell lingers.
Track Name: Every Offering
what is the price on your head?
like alarm clock numbers glow.
what does it take to convince?
you better run quick, like rumors
spread like a tabloid, like butter.
low fat butter.
smear greasy thumb prints.
someone with a great sense of humor.
wipe that weight off your shoulders.

waterfalls fall into the valley.
crumpled wrapper catches the sun.
bend your knees, inhale.
exhale as you fold your torso over your thighs.
don't think malicious thoughts, even if you want to.
run your hands down your shins, touch your toes.
what do you regret the most?
what are you thinking about?
I close one eye when I look at you.
Track Name: Flâneur
You won't catch me dead in Minnesota,
strumming a ukulele with a hat on.
Too busy slurping this Circle K mocha,
looking for action.
Saw the sun fall off the river.
Took a drop of polished silver.
Might as well be chopping chopped liver.
Is it that bad? Is it hopeless?

It tastes like there's soap in my club soda.
I guess I'm washing out my filthy mouth.
I would swallow any potion
to banish your doubts.
Saw the sun drop in the sea.
Rubbed my gums with instant coffee
Oh am I in misery?
I'm just perfecting my new coping mechanisms.

And I don't want to cry tonight.
I don't want to see a crying face in the clouds.
It wasn't feeling real before.

I am underneath the streetlights,
underneath the sky with my feet on the ground.
I am turning a corner
Track Name: Pleasure Schema
Sweeten my honey with sugar.
Cool-off my coffee with creamer.
If we make it through December,
Will you make it up to me?
You make me sick.
You look like an absolute living dream.

Sweeter than strawberry butter.
Swallow your snot when you sneeze.
You look like a toddler,
Wiping your face on your sleeve.
You’ve taken a turn for the worse.

Seems like you’re braver than Jason.
Maybe I’m chicken.
No memories left to erase.
I won’t miss them.

Can’t hide your fat with that stubble.
Fog-up your mirror with steam.
Can’t understand when you mumble.
I never know what you mean.
How low can you go?
Track Name: Sam
sam was talking about your clothes
he said you were wearing the same clothes
the last time he saw you
we saw him at the last show
you were wearing the same clothes

sammy's police radar reader
nothing so cool as a teenager weaving
Track Name: Song Bean
With several swallows
of amaretto
from a filmy pantry bottle,
I rolled up my cuffs
and opened a window
and I jumped.

Swiping pharmacy BluBlockers.
Medieval Madness,
dripping down a waffle cone.

Lightning lights the farmland.
Steal across Kansas.
Ice rain on a traffic cone.

Clamshell plastic containers leaking sauce.
Always craving a juicy scandal.
Keep me out.

Who thought this up?
This frozen grape.
Bathtub lullaby.
Only steam rises this late.

Tied-up up with electrical tape.
Can you clarify?
I know it's hard to relate.

What are you dusting for fingerprints?
The holiday of your choosing.
Just capture your piece of desire again.

A capella pitchy slush.
A capsule of bitterness.
How many tabs?
How many Kirkwood triangles?
Either you don't or you have it,
said rabbit.
It's like it didn't even matter.
Bring me the head of
Bring it out on a platter.
Wax beans,
Butter beans,
Cannellini ,
Purple hull peas,
Field peas and snaps.
Track Name: The Winner!
Meet me in the middle.
Nothing thrills like burning bridges.
Every relationship is a competition.
You may already be a winner!

Meet me at Center Cross.
My patron saint is Pinocchio with his nose chopped off.
My spirit animal is a salted slug.
My love is bigger than your gas leak.

Meet me in Metro East.
Every compromise is a massive defeat.
Every apology is a tactical loss.
Every motel room has bedbugs.

Meet me at Globe Drug.
Call a taxi.
Meet me at the library.
Meet me in the basement.

Nothing satisfies my cravings.
There is no saving grace.
There is no silver lining.
There is no saving face.
Track Name: Throw Across
I was trying to keep you awake.
I was trying to keep my eyes open.
I was trying to forgive someone.
I saw you watching a blue snake.
I saw you crab-walk with grass-stained knees.
I saw chills wind a banner, saw boughs break,
so that may be, that may be, that may be
buried in mudslides, shaken like parapets shake.
I saw from the rooftop, hoisted with a pulley rope,
tore open palm blisters stung.

I made a mistake I can't fix.
I made a list of the things I could change.
I made you into a thing that you hate.
I was so dry there was nothing to spit.
I was dry-heaving so nothing came out.
I was wiping cobweb sweat drips.
I coughed and I coughed and I coughed
from powder gusts heave off bricks.
I saw vermin hole down the gas range,
scuttle up ceramic plates.
Track Name: Turpentine
T for thunder, hold your baby near.
Fear, thick like summer.
C for city, look over your shoulder.
T for Texas Ave., All New Fixtures!
W for window guard.

If you don't like the way it touch you,
you can't wait to make it stop,
you can find most any taker
who will take it off.

Cannot blame the bad news better.
Any gesture puts you off.

Soggy pleading tests your patience.
Which part of the face I made
you feel the mean no harm?

Here comes a sadness-flatted someone.
Slumped on his stoop, he squints.
Coupon-stupid, dodging busses.
Popsicle shirt-stain dribble.

When some poor mover beckons hither,
gestures with his jewel-set ring,
he will peg you as his brother.
He will love the song you sing.

Fear fraternal love unbidden.
Shrug-off any warm embrace.
He will string you on his necklace.

He thinks you are the same as him.

Yes, here he comes with horse-tail bullwhip,
pit with looks could leave a mark,
scarfing fists of Red Hot Riplets.

He dodges on his bike
strewn garbage.

Does it make my ass look fat?
Crack like a baseball bat.
Does it make me look like a cop?
I'm just recouping my losses.
Don't take me into your confidence.
I'm waiting on direct deposit.
Do you wear your anger like an outfit?
This is my creative outlet.
Chomp at the bit.

Do you like ice?
Do you like ice cold drinks?
Do you like bars?
Do you like bars of soap?
Wash out your mouth.
O for outlier.